About Us

The Green Pastures and Liberation Ministry is an inter-denominational fellowship of believers with passion for prayers and great faith in the inspired Word from the Holy Spirit.

God gave His servant Evang Ekpedeme Emmanuel a mandate to storm the dark places of the earth and destroy the habitations of cruelty through the preaching of the word of liberation.He was mandated to end sorrows,restore lives to their right places, bring revival to lives and godless nations and to found God’s grace where it was not founded.

Our Mission

To raise intercessors across Nigeria and sending intercessor missionaries to the nations

Our Vision

Bringing Christian Revival to the world before the return of Christ

Activities Schedule

Sunday Services                                      Time: 4:00 pm

  • Sunday                                                                 –       Healing, Deliverance and Restoration Service
  • Second Sunday of the month                                  –       Communion Service
  • Last Sunday of the month                                       –       Judgement Service

Tuesday Service                                       Time: 11:30 pm

  • Pray Through Service (Jacob’s Night of Change)

Wednesday Service                                  Time: 5:00 pm

  • Covenant Prayer Service

Friday Service                                         Time: 10:00 pm

  • 3rd Friday of the month                                          –       Encounter Night

Other Programmes

  • Counselling
  • Business Round-Table
  • Fruitfulness Service
  • Crusades
  • Missions
  • Outreaches